A little something from “Keeping up with the Gilmores” … thought I’d share it here as well. God is good… even when I’m not.

Keeping up with the Gilmores

We’ve been in Waco for about 12 days now, and already it’s so clear that God’s presence has gone before us into this place. We’ve found instant community with some of our neighbors, and it’s been extra fun for me to watch Noland have sweet, deep friendships right off the bat. Praise Jesus!

Transition has, however, had its struggles. I think this summer has just been full of a lot of life changes, and here at the end of them all, I’ve been trying to catch my breath and figure out what’s next now that we’re finally here. There are times that I miss my friends, and times that I’ve found myself battling insecurities and fears of the unknown. In our first weeks here, as emotions were a bit unstable from our transition, I was easily irritated, frustrated, and even bitter at times. And the reality was that I just…

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