Find your groove and keep on dancin’

You know what’s crazy? The way dancing brings people together. Somebody comes up with something that catches on, and all of a sudden people are doing it all over the world. Even in recent years I can name several that have caught on, gone viral, and been recreated by thousands of people hoping for a break on YouTube — Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance,  the wobble, the wop, Miley Cirus’s Hoedown Throwdown, a revitalization of Footloose after the new movie came out — the list could go on.

The point is: People gotta dance, y’all! There’s a freedom felt in dancing. Cutting a rug. Acting a fool. And it brings people together! You know at every wedding you’ve ever been to there are certain songs that make EVERYBODY get out of their seat and onto the dance floor.

These are the moments I love most in life. When something happens that changes the atmosphere of a room and gets people out of their comfort zones and somehow even something that seemed ridiculous at first is now exhilarating and freeing. And the only place you’d want to be is on that dance floor doing that silly move that you’re not sure where you learned or if anyone should ever try to replicate it.

There’s a trend in group/flash mob style dancing right now — the Harlem Shake. There have been literally hundreds of thousands of videos created and posted online with this same concept…

People are going about their business, music starts playing, and one person starts doing a little jig… a head bob, a hip pop, a sway back and forth… and then… the bass drops.

BOOM. The whole room joins in. There’s costumes. Craziness. Individuality, yet a unified chaos that says, “we kinda planned this and we do have a purpose, but we don’t want to cramp anybody’s style.”

Something about the silliness of these videos makes me draw parallels to the way we’re supposed to operate as the Church. Because here’s the deal with a Harlem Shake video: the move you do won’t look like anyone else’s, so whatever it is, you have to commit. If you’re the cabbage patch girl you better do the best darn cabbage patch YouTube has ever seen. Because there’s a lot going on, and although it’s chaotic at first glance, some of the best harlem shake videos I’ve seen have people sticking to their move. They get in their groove and they stick to it… and somehow, it creates harmony among the havoc. 

Sometimes we just need to be reminded to get in our groove and join the chaos. Just keep dancing. That’s how this thing works.

My family was in town last weekend, and when we didn’t know how to entertain ourselves on a Sunday night, my sister’s boyfriend came to the rescue with his new Harlem Shake app. We laughed a lot. We danced like fools. I wore a onesie. It was epic. And, let’s notice my mom, who we called “Lady Liberty” the rest of the night (you’ll see why), who sticks to her move and is without a doubt the best part of the whole video.

Happy viewing, friends. 

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