‘I Salute You’ Saturday: Mary-Margaret Scholtens

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to salute someone spectacular. Today I salute a woman who I dearly look up to, and who happens to be celebrating a birthday today!



(sorry I creeped a photo off of your facebook to do this.)

Mary Margaret Scholtens, I salute you.

I wish I could sit here and write a novel on who she really is and the story she has lived (and still lives!), because it is one of the most remarkable, selfless, faith-filled and miracle-woven stories I know. I do want to highlight the character behind that story, though.

This woman has the biggest heart and highest capacity for loving people (and all things living) than anyone I have ever known. She’s a lover AND a fighter — she has this Jesus characteristic, that she’s willing to lay her own life down for the lives of others. Whether it’s the lives of her four boys or the lives of sick or injured wildlife, I have seen MM be a life giver in pretty much every instance I’ve ever been around her in. She fights for others, never counting the cost and never holding back. 

She’s also an excellent story teller — and the way she rarely says no to an adventure makes for a pretty big library of experiences to have stories for. I miss conversations with her for that reason. MM, you need to write a book. In all your spare time. 😉

I am also eternally grateful for Mary-Margaret, because she let me throw a party in her backyard for 300 of my closest friends to attend. Otherwise known as my wedding. And on that same day I bottle fed a beaver named Justin and played with a raccoon who bears my name. (All before I put my wedding dress on, of course) It was the perfect adventure wedding day. Haha.

Of course, the only photo I could find that is anything close to “a picture of us” is this one… but I think it perfectly encompasses what most of my memories of the Scholtens house are like (Complete with a photo bomb by Jay).


Mary-Margaret, no one captures beauty and adventure in one being quite like you do. Thank you for giving yourself freely, loving extravagantly, and living like there’s no tomorrow. I want to be like you when I grow up!

Happiest of birthdays to you. Cheers to another great year of your beautiful life! 

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