Four words that lit the path forever

There’s something about a long drive. The way it quiets your mind, the way it frees you of distraction, the way it opens the doors of exploration and adventure — I tend to have my best God moments on long drives with Him. Maybe it’s the spacious places and less noise … it just seems like I hear him more clearly.

Last week we were having our day off in Uganda, and we left early one morning to head out for a safari. We left when it was still dark, and as we drove, I watched the sun rise. If you’ve never seen an African sunrise, go ahead and add that one to your bucket list. It was like the opening scene of Lion King, only it was in real life and in colors that only Heaven can produce. 

We must have been driving west, because the sun was rising almost directly behind us as we drove. As I watched the light slowly fill the space around us, I started thinking, “isn’t it crazy that a light from way back behind us is lighting the path in front of us as far as the eye can see?” And all God said was “let there be light” all those years ago, and this is the light that’s been shining ever since.

Four words from the mouth of the Creator lit our paths forever.

If this is the power of the words spoken by God, why don’t I treat everything He speaks this way? That the words He spoke “way back there” … are still lighting my path all the way to the horizon? 

I began to recall His promises, the words He’s spoken over my life and the dreams He’s placed in my heart. And just as I was remembering these things, it was as if time slowed and everything froze for a few seconds. Right there out the window on the Ugandan roadside as we passed by, stood about ten sunflower stalks, just waving at me. My favorite flower. A love sign from the God who sees me. 

And in this moment frozen in time, I hear Him whisper, “I haven’t forgotten you. I delight to delight you. My promises are still lighting your path.”

Suddenly those words of the Psalmist I’ve known my whole life have new meaning. His word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Every. Single. Word.

So I keep hoping, because I know that a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. (Prov. 13:12) I keep exploring for the concealed matters of God, because I know it’s the glory of kings to search them out. (Prov. 25:2)

And I know there’s new mercies for me every morning, and every morning a new sunrise to light a new path. Each path leads to another path, and somehow God knows how they’ll all work together for my good. It’s what He promised. 

And the prophetic words of a friend prayed over me yesterday continue to echo in my heart…

“It’s bigger than you think.”

2 thoughts on “Four words that lit the path forever

  1. hey, that prophetic word is true, and bigger than you think. I am re encouraged for the little processes in life because his word is a light to my path. You’re writing changes perspectives Sara, don’t ever stop. I love you!

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