When headlines feel hopeless, we shouldn’t.


Yesterday I was lying in bed sick all afternoon, and when you’re sick you either sleep, or you pass the time browsing your Twitter timeline and watching TV. When you watch TV during the day, you end up watching the news. And if you were watching the news yesterday, then you know it was a rough day in the world.

Car bombs in Beirut, riots in Cairo; people killed and injured by the hundreds. 

The more I watched and read, the more my heart broke. I finally lost it when I read a story about a young Egyptian journalist. She had been text messaging her mom, asking her to pray because things were getting worse in Cairo and she was afraid.

The story included the messages exchanged between mother and daughter, the last two being from the mother. The first was a prayer of protection and the second this:

“Habiba, please reassure me. I’ve called thousands of times. Please, my darling, I’m worried sick. Tell me how you are.”

She would soon learn that her journalist daughter had been killed.

I wept.

Maybe this one hit closer to home because I used to dream of being that journalist, or maybe it was just that it was the first story I’d read that focused on an individual instead of just a statistic.

It all becomes real when numbers are given names and faces. 

I was sad and angry at the same time, and I laid there on a tear-stained pillowcase dying to make it better but feeling so small, not to mention so far away.

God, what do I do with these feelings? This isn’t fair. I want so badly to send hope to those people.

His response: You can move mountains from here. 

So I prayed. I began to call out to God for all the things that seem impossible. And as I prayed, there was this fire in me that kept growing. Maybe this can actually work.

Maybe we should start responding with hope to news like this instead of reacting with fear or frustration or bitterness. How many times do you hear people say things like, “I don’t like to watch the news, it’s too sad.”

Honestly I kind of hate that expression, because actually, the world is sad. If we want the news to change, we’re going to have to change the world, and if we want to change the world, we’re going to have to start believing for it.

And it’s not just the Middle East and North Africa that need revival. What about the African nations that have been devastated by the LRA? What about North Korea? What about the sex slavery that spreads like a plague across the globe? What about post-Christian Europe and the sleeping giant that is the old Church? What about the debauchery of Hollywood?

There are people fighting, rebelling, starving, and dying all over the world both physically and spiritually. And God is weeping over all of it.

It seems like a lot when we turn on the news and everything is bad. It seems hopeless. But I’ve been told that history belongs to the intercessors, and if we want to change history we have to start contending for it. I mean really contending for it.

We can’t all go out and save the world physically, although I’d certainly like to. But we’re all equipped and called to pray. We have a direct line to the Lord over everything. Maybe we should start believing it works.

Who’s going to stand in the gap and believe for those people until it comes to pass if the people of God don’t? It’s just a simple declaration of faith to hold onto for someone else that can’t.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13)

Jesus said we could move mountains with that simple faith. What are we waiting for?

We can move mountains from here.

It doesn’t matter if it’s major world issues, Kim Kardashian’s new baby, or your local city officials. I wonder what would happen to all those headlines if the people of God really started praying.

I wonder if the next generation will look back and see that there was a shift when we decided we could be world changers just by talking to Jesus.

Pick a headline today and start praying. We can move mountains from here!

3 thoughts on “When headlines feel hopeless, we shouldn’t.

  1. It does overwhelm one doesn’t it? The shape our planet is in I mean..and with so many Christians that are ‘quoting prophetic signs of the end times’ that they no longer feel it would make any difference to pray for World Peace, because that’s only going to happen when Christ returns. The trouble with that attitude is that we are not to be concerned with the hour or the day of His return, but to always be watching and going about our Father’s buisness. And we should be praying daily… overwhelmed or not. Through the bitter tears and the sweet. Prayer not only is heard, it heals the warrior that offers it up to the Father. He knows but He wants us to confess it with prayer that He is in control and His will be done and to plead through His Son Jesus for mercy and grace for the ones we pray for. And that should include ourselves…. Great post, It truly hit a nerve with me and I thank you.

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