Navigating the unseen with Godly savvy

Revisiting an old post today, as I reflect on a follow-up trip to Charlotte this past weekend. A sequel post is coming! And I think refreshing your memory on what happened the last time I was there will make it even better.

Enjoy, thanks for reading, and as always — share!


A year and a half ago I met a girl who was healing from the deep wounds of a broken off engagement in the previous year. As God would have it I was newly engaged at the time, and my excitement met her brokenness in a way that seemed like it should have been abrasive, but ended up being unusually complementary. 

This girl, Calli, was my best friend’s roommate, so we spent five days together sharing stories and growing a friendship that I treasure deeply to this day. I’ll never forget sitting around a dining room table on Crescent Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, praying over her with my two friends that lived with her and getting to speak truth and life into her most painful places. There was a bond that formed in that place that still remains.

Since that January evening, I’d been contending for her life and…

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