Pop Culture Prayer Room: A fight for the stars who wish they weren’t

I’ve been using this time every week asking you to pray with me for celebrities. People in the spotlight who need to know Jesus, who most people (Christians in particular) end up reaming instead of believing for. People who, if we could only see God change their hearts and lives, could have culture-shifting impact on our nation.

Well this weekend I was at World Mandate, and I was challenged by the reality of a different kind of spotlight. A spotlight that’s making more money, and more movies and magazines than is the main stream media we usually talk about on Tuesdays. A spotlight whose “stars” are often placed there against their will, enslaved for the pleasures of millions. 

Our pastor Jimmy Seibert gave a convicting and powerful message on what could happen if we would just say no to pornography. If we took a stand that reduced the demand for it, how many of those enslaved could be set free? What if we said no, and what if our no was their hope?

At the end of his message Jimmy challenged men to lead out in drawing a line forever against their contribution to human trafficking when they view pornography. He invited them to come down and surrender it all to Jesus, and friends, I was not prepared for the power of what happened next. I stood there in the aisle as men flocked down to the floor. Dozens that turned into hundreds of them filled the aisles, on their knees and bowed down to Jesus.

And as our male leaders prayed over these men, Jimmy asked women who needed prayer to raise their hands so that others could gather around them. I had to literally climb over the hundreds of bowed down men to get to some of these women and pray with them. And as I played this sort of heavenly game of leap frog I was just undone. I thought, “This is revival.”

Something was shifting in that moment, and as men and women were being set free, trafficked victims were being set free. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever been a part of. And yet there is still much to be done. 

Normally on this day I just leave you with some prayer points. Today I want to leave you with some action points, believing that you will pray along with them. All of it together might take you five minutes, and in that time, you’re contributing to the freedom of millions.

1. Go to the UnBound website, watch the #no4hope video and read this brief description of what we’re doing to urge the US government to place tighter restrictions on internet pornography.

2. Sign the petition 

3. SHARE IT! One tweet, instagram or facebook post could lead to hundreds of signatures. When you share, use the hashtag #no4hope. 

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