‘Hope Always Rises’ Print

Hey there, friends. There are no words for how sweet this weekend was. We felt so rallied around and loved — your support and willingness to stand with us in honor of Judah Rise was a fragrance that we are so certain ministered to Jesus even more than it did us.

I know many of you have seen me post about this on social media, but in case you didn’t know, this “Hope Always Rises” print is available for purchase, and half of all proceeds go to support a women’s recovery home in Waco, Texas.

We love this ministry dearly. This is the place we met Judah’s birth mom, where I volunteered for two years watching Jesus heal and restore broken women. It’s just wonderful, and our friend Jessica did this watercolor painting in Judah’s honor that she’s now selling as a print to raise money for women in recovery.

Wanted to let you in on this and invite you to buy one, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, as a way to bring hope and healing to women in addiction. Just click the photo of the print below, and it will take you to Freed2Free Artistry to purchase the print.


Again, thanks for loving and honoring our boy. It’s blessed us like crazy to see others celebrate his life.

All our love,
Sara & Noland

2 thoughts on “‘Hope Always Rises’ Print

  1. Thanks for sharing about your story. A friend sent me your blog last night and I spent a while reading your posts. I couldn’t figure out why the story about your son sounded familiar, but I was reminded a girl I’m following on IG posted about it.

    Please know you are NOT alone! I so admire your willingness to share and your faith along the way! God is FOR you and has big plans for you! Can’t wait to see them unfold!

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