Meet Sara

So you want to know a little bit more about me? Here are some fun facts.

I’m my grandmother’s namesake and my parents’ middle child.

I’ve never lived anywhere for more than 6 years. You’re probably wanting to ask, “Was your dad in the military?” Nope, worse. Ministry. My dad was on Young Life staff for about 20 years, which moved us a few times when I was growing up. Loved every place I ever lived. I claim Nashville as home, even though I’ve been gone for several years and I no longer have any family there.

I’m a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, but I’m also afraid of heights. This causes for many dramatic internal conflicts. And also near pant wetting.

One of my biggest dreams in life is to take an RV on a tour of college football stadiums when Noland and I are in our 60s. We’ll start opening day at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee, and finish in January at the Rose Bowl. It will be epic. I’ve been mapping it out for years.

I love live music. Six years in Nashville will spoil you, too.

Music festivals are one of my favorite things ever. Except one time when I went to Bonnaroo, and had to leave early because I got really sick from heat exhaustion. I was rescued by a truck full of hippies, a really kind farmer, Walmart, and my sister. You can read about that adventure here.

My music festival nightmare was redeemed a year later when I danced on stage with Girl Talk at the Beale St. Music Festival in Memphis. That adventure is also documented here.

I love to travel. Whether it’s a short road trip or an overseas adventure, there is just something about a change of scenery and an unknown territory to explore and experience. Even if it means you hike up a mountain to watch the sunrise in Costa Rica and end up getting chased down by a bull. Yep, that happened.

Well, now you know me a little better. I wish I could know you, too. Maybe we should connect via social media? That’s an option, you know. Just click the icon of your choice in the sidebar. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Meet Sara

  1. I wondered upon your blog site when I was searching the spelling of wandering vs wondering. It was a blog about “hope” that was exactly my soul needed to hear. My heart has been sheltered under my “indestructible” tent for such a very long time. I’m going to let that heart free and share it with the world. Thank you for the hope 🙂

  2. We have a mutual friend who led me to your blog. Her name is Alissa….she thinks very highly of you and I’m so thankful she sent me the link to your blog!!! My husband and I are a year into our journey of waiting to bring our baby home thru adoption. I’ve loved reading thru your most recent post. You are ministering to me through your writing and for that I say THANK YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU! Keep it up sister!

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