Daughter of the King

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Don’t you know what your Father says about you?

Radiant are those who look to Him,
And their faces shall never be disgraced.
It’s time to walk in confidence,
For you’ve been called for such a time as this.

You’re the mother of the nations —
The father of creation has called you holy,
He’s called you worthy, and He’s called you righteous.
Will you walk in it?

Will you reach out for his garment?
Be cleansed of disease and torment?
Will the fragrance of your surrender fill households
For all to remember that He is worth it?

You are His heart’s greatest delight,
You’re worth the fight — against darkness and despair.
Every whip, thorn and nail was worth all the pain
For His Bride is coming home and she will not be shamed.

Light has triumphed over dark —
The veil has been torn apart.
Enter in now to the banquet hall and sing!
You are a daughter of the Most High King.