A fork in the road.

God said this would be a season of new perspectives — of seeing things as He sees them, not as the world sees them. So as he gives me these “Heavenly perspectives,” I’ll be posting them.

The first one: a fork in the road.


Life is full of decisions. The older I get, the more weighty those decisions seem to become. I find myself in a constant weighing contest between option A and option B. What will I gain from my decision? What will I leave behind? Who will I leave behind? Is there even a right or wrong answer? Do I choose now or do I wait? And as time often moves swiftly in the world we live in, we come up on the fork before we feel like we’ve had the time we desire to choose right or left.

I saw a picture of a girl coming up on a fork in the road. This was the worldly perspective. She’ll make a decision, right or left, after much deliberation — even consistent prayer and asking God which He thought would be the better choice. 

Then I saw the Heavenly perspective. His answer for the better choice. Suddenly what seemed like a fork in the road up ahead merged into one road. One path. One direction. 

His answer was clear.

The path is Him. His presence. The pursuit of His heart. His face. His intimacy. Suddenly all the options we’re swayed by and pulled in different directions in by our worldly perspectives don’t feel like a separation anymore. We just choose Him, and we stay the path, and whatever avenue in the eyes of the world we take really doesn’t matter because the ultimate destination is our citizenship in Heaven. And the vehicle we travel in is our own unique role in the advancement of the Kingdom — but guys, we never really leave the highway. 

And sure our decisions to stay or go will at times be painful or hard, especially relationally speaking, but that’s just the nature of the world — the nature of bringing the Kingdom to the world. But what we’re ultimately traveling towards is the promise of an eternity with none of the separation or the pain or the hardship. And it’s worth it.

And suddenly with this perspective, the road sign looks more like this: